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Few things spruce up a home’s interior or exterior more effectively and affordably than a coat of paint or a new layer of stain. However, as easy as painting your room or the exterior of your house may sound, there's often a big difference between a DIY job and a house that's been professionally painted, both in the appearance and in how long the paint lasts.

Victor Faustino has been a leading painting contractor in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia for more than 20 years. Whether you need a single room in your home painted or a full interior or exterior repainting, the painting professionals at Victor Faustino can help. No residential painting job is too big or small for Victor Faustino.

If you are looking to repaint your home in the DMV area, contact Victor Faustino today to request an estimate.

Victor Faustino

Interior Painting
Painting the inside of your house may sound simple, but that's not necessarily the case, especially if you're using different colors for the trim or if you have original wooden baseboards, moldings, and door trim. A professional painting contractor, like Victor Faustino, can not only deliver a professional job, but finish the project on time and on budget.

Spare yourself the hassle of taping, painting, and cleaning and hire the professionals at Victor Faustino. From bathrooms to whole-house painting services, Victor Faustino and crew will deliver professional painting services at an affordable price.

Exterior Painting
Exterior painting presents even more challenges. There are ladders and scaffolding to secure and navigate—adding not only difficulty, but danger to the task. There are temperature considerations and window and door trim to keep crisp and separate from the main house color.

Paint the outside of your house when it's too cold and the paint will flake within the first season. Paint it when it's too hot and it's easy to leave streaks and blotches as the paint dries so fast. The painting professionals at Victor Faustino can help you make sense of all of these issues as well as save you from having to climb a ladder.

Deck Staining
Staining requires a different technique from painting. Although you apply stain with a paint brush or sponge, you use a rag to wipe off the excess and make sure that the color has a chance to enter the grain of the wood. You also need to be careful and apply the stain in the same direction as the grain. An experienced painting contractor understands the differences between stain and paint and can make your deck shine.

Fence Staining
Fences, like decks, require a little finesse. Because they are vertical, it is easy for the stain to leave drip marks if you're not careful. This is especially true when working with woven fence patterns or latticework. A skilled painting contractor will know how to sidestep these potential pitfalls and deliver a fence staining job that exceeds your expectations.